Hi Patricia,

I let my NIE/student card expire for more than three months. What can I do?

I came to study at a business school in 2014/2015. I got a NIE and student card. I later got interested and applied for a new research master's degree at a university for 2015/2017 (2-year part time due to cost).

When I tried to renew my expired student card following my admission into the university, I was told to present additional documents some of which were not readily available. I also had to renew my passport. Our embassy in Madrid took longer than I'd expected to get it done. I later got caught up in other activities including my school and writing projects (I write to make some income) and I couldn't present the documents after some time (more than six months after the card's expiry). When I contacted the office for a renewal in February, they wrote:

Es que no tiene usted ningún permiso que pueda renovar. Su tarjeta caducó en noviembre de 2015 y no es posible renovar permisos de estancia por estudios si han transcurrido más de 90 días desde la fecha de caducidad.


Truthfully, I didn't know about the 90 days grace.

Is there anything I could do now to get a new student card? I need to go see my family and return to complete writing and defend my master's thesis in July.

Your prompt response would be highly appreciated.