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Thread: Do I have the same rights

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    Default Do I have the same rights

    I am the owner of a semi-detached property on a community, I have a family member who is in need of a wheelchair we would like to reform the property giving him easy access by leveling the garden area, installing ramps and convert our dis-used carport in to a bedroom solely suited to his needs, all the work accept the conversion has been given the go ahead by the community eventhough they have allowed other properties to do the same thing, is this correct, morally or even legal the local council have given there approval and are prepared to issue the lisence for the work, all we need is for the community to agree, do I rearly have to take them to court?

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    Hello Hooligan,

    For certain types of modifications or adaptations of a dwelling or within the CO where this is located, the town hall approval is mandatory, or at least you have the obligation to notify them; this will depend on the nature of the modification.

    This obligation is separate and must be obtained regardless of the CO Authorization as the goal each seeks is different and the CO can never substitute the local authorities. However, some town halls require the previous agreement from the CO before granting the local authorization.

    I recommend you to first approach the local town hall and make an enquiry to find out what are the local requirements for the specific building work you are looking to do. In any case, I insist both authorizations are completely independent.

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