Hello I wanted to apply for a Spanish passport and I am a US citizen. Here is my story I am on both sides descended from Spanish citizens of the Crown. We are what are called Criollos we are the children of Spanish born citizens who were given Spanish land grants in the current US in the name of the king of Spain in Texas and New Mexico both side of my family are well documented. We never signed off renouncing our citizenship to Spain our family were loyalist to the Crown and fought an their behalf.

When Mexico took over the area we never signed off saying we were Mexican now, and when the Americans took over we never signed off either as our children and parents were given automatic status as Americans as they were born here for centuries prior to the Americans.

Also we have proven lines to the crown of Spain on both sides we are related to the Duke of Alburquerque and directly descended from the former king of Spain during the 1500's. So we are Infantes/Hidalgos as they were called in Castile..

We are also directly descended to the famed and doomed Carvajals they had escaped persecution in Spain by coming to the New World because they were related to the crown and served them well but had to escape the Inquisition. They came to the New Spain: Mexico , New Mexico and Texas set up haciendas, mines and were soon the wealthiest families in New Spain. They soon became the target of the Spanish Inquisition anyway in Mexico as they were Sephardi Jews Conversos. Most were viciously executed some were able to escape via New Mexico and Texas as they were banned from Mexico. It was said that no Carvajal was to ever step foot back in New Spain, Mexico City upon penalty of death.

Both sides of my family can be traced almost back to the same families some of our other relatives still live on the same Spanish land grants given to us by the Crown. We still speak Spanish we still identify ourselves as Spanish I guess my next question would be if : We never renounced the Spanish crown or our citizenship, we have proven documented lines and Spanish land grants to prove this, we were part of the expelling of Jews from Spain and SO BIG QUESTION Are we eligible for citizenship of Spain? Are we already citizens of Spain as you have to formally renounce your citizenship?

I'm at a complete loss... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for reading this