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Thread: Spanish passport

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    Default Spanish passport

    It has nearly been ten years living in Spain, i have applied for a Spanish passport. i invited my family to stay with me it has been for years but they are form Pakistan, i have two sons and my wife. could they get a Spanish passport when i apply for mine or do they have to wait until ten years.


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    I don't think you can get spanish passport for your son or anyone from your family.

    Only if your son is born in spain then he can have it.
    the same case for your wife or anyone from your family.

    they just have to ask for coming to spain as a family member of a resident in spain wich in this case is you
    and then when everything is allright they will get the right to stay in spain and after that they have to reside in spain for 10 years so they can ask for a spanish nationality and therefor have a spanish passport as you will.

    I hope my answer was helpful.
    But better ask an attorney to be sure.

    I'm just a regular guy with experience


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