My first post here, be gentle !

I am an aircraft pilot, [recreational, not professional]. I am lucky in that I have the use of a small aircraft based at an AENA airport in Spain. AENA publish their charges for this airport, I have tried to attach the document in which they publish their prices.AENA airport charges2012guia%20tarifas%20aena%20aeropuertos%202012%20version%20ingles.pdf

The problem I have is that the handling agents are charging more than 400% higher fee for services than the maximum as stated in AENAS price structure. This means that a compulsory ride in a mini bus [for 250 metres] from the terminal to the aircraft is now being charged at 46 Euros plus IVA [each way]. The published maximum charge for this service [page 39 of attached document] is 11.24 Euros.

I have complained to the handling agent [flightcare] and AENA without success.

My question is, how difficult and expensive is it to pursue this issue via the Spanish legal system ? Any recommendations for someone to take this issue on, or at least explain to me what is going on ?

Many thanks for reading.