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Thread: stolen land/ changing boundaries

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    Default stolen land/ changing boundaries

    our property was owned by the same person as our neighbours until 1956 when it was split, since moving here in 2009 we have found plans from 1956 showing that we own more of our garden than we registered on our new deeds as these were taken from modern day ordinance maps, after 1956 our neighbour has stolen a massive wedge of our garden and as the years have gone on and new ordinances updated her garden now doesnt resemble the one when the property was split, she registered her property in the 1980s with the boundary lines as she put them, can we use the map dated when the properties were split in 1956 to re write the current pland held with land registry as the area she stole is our only accessway to our property, which should by the map actually be owned by us, our deed states that we bought the full estate of what the previous owners purchased in 1956.i hope you understand what i mean thanks

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    This case is sufficiently technical and important, that to give you a satisfactory answer we would need to receive all the documentation you hold pertaining the matter so that we could study the case. We would also need to take into account other forms of crediting the situation of the garden before your neighbour incorporated the part which is in dispute. Apart from this we would also need to value the figure of the prescription, as due to the time elapsed, it might have affected your rights. Please feel free to send us copies of all the documentation you currently hold as well as a report to our office address, and to my attention, so that we can carefuly study it.
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