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    My dad is going to apply for spanish nationality this month . He has been living in spain for 10 years . i came here 3 years ago when my dad applied under the catagory (Familiar Regupurante) . I am 20 years old now and dependent on him .I am having the residence card, so called Tarjeta de Residencia (Regupurante Familiar) which will expire this month as his gonna expire .
    I wanna ask that when can i apply for spanish nationality (in link to my dad) ?
    can my dad write my name under minors on application form, as im studying and dependent on him ?
    or what other situations can be ? with link if i wanna apply for nationality ? any solution ?

    Thanks in Advance

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    Initially, and due to the fact that you are already of legal age, you cannot opt for citizenship based on the fact that your father is a Spanish national now. You will have to wait to be a legal resident during 10 years before you can apply.

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