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Thread: NIE number for us - stayin here without workin..???

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    Default NIE number for us - stayin here without workin..???

    Hi everybody

    me and my boyfriend are here in Grana Canaria basicaly residin , livin from our saved expenses, not planning any workin here or anythin like that.. anyway, we have been here for 11 weeks so far and we read somewhere that after 3 months its basicaly mandatory to register for NIE number...

    so we want to ask - do we have to go to police to apply for NIE number in our case (no workin here, nothin else neccassary for us - just residin here and payin the rent) or what should we apply for if not for NIE (but I guess we have to, right?

    thank you in advance


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    Hello Evelyn,

    A NIE Number is an ID Number for foreigners and useful for any administrative proceeding you wish to do, such as buying a house, a car, or even incorporate a company.

    Those EU nationals will obtain a NIE for any of these purposes and also register as a resident ( Certificado de Registro de Ciudadano de la Union ) as if their intention is to live in Spain permanently, to be registered as an EU resident will be beneficial to identify themselves as residents.

    If you are non EU nationals, you must apply for a residence permit to be able to remain in Spain more than 90 days. If this is the case, please feel free to contact me on Patricia at and I will be able to advice you on how to proceed, depending on your circumstances.

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    HI there

    OK I understand, though its the same information as we read on internet -> what we are after is simply if it is really mandatory after 3 months - so if we will be here lets say for another 4-6 months - and somebody asks (police or anybody) for ID etc - is it against the law??? the same thing - if after 7-8 months of bein here (and not obtaining the NIE for example) we will decide to get one - will there be any problem with it - as we were supposed to register for NIEs after 3 months...?? or it is more like "ok, you are stayin here, you should get NIE to make it easier for police and everybody to see where you from etc...?"

    thank you


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    Hello Evelyn,

    I will understand that you are EU nationals.

    Legally speaking, you are considered a resident in a country when you spend more than 183 days per year in it, also taking into consideration the fact that your usual dwelling is located there. If there were no way of evidencing residence by the mentioned means, the residence registration will be mandatory if your main interests are located in Spain, that is, that your main sources of income are generated in Spain, therefore being considered subject to the yearly income tax declaration.

    The Police will not fine you if you do not have a NIE but can consider if you should be registered as a resident or not. In any case, if you decide to apply for the NIE in the next 4 months, you will have no problems at all nor will be fined for not doing it earlier.

    Patricia Martin
    Legal Assistant at Lawbird
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