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Thread: Executor withholding payment due to court case

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    Default Executor withholding payment due to court case

    My grandmother died leaving approx 25K in her account. My sister and I were named 50/50 beneficiaries. My sister is the Executor. She informed me that there was 25k left after funeral costs and there were no debts to pay.

    My sister's solicitor has told her to hold payment due to the fact i am accused of stealing from my grandmother before she died. I was due to face judge and jury but this did not happen and the charges are due to be dropped next week due to the actual culprit coming forward. According to my Barrister, it only remains for me to be formally cleared in court during a 'management' hearing or something like that.

    Q1: Does the executor have to power to withhold payment under the above circumstances?

    Q2: I believe the final figure of her estate (17k) to be 8k lower than previously informed so do i have the right to see a breakdown of expenditure from the estate?

    Q3: can i insist on payment?

    I cannot ask my sister directly due to irreconcilable differences.


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    In case this is an inheritance issue in the UK, British Law is to be applied. As this forum is related to Spanish Law, I would be unable to answer your questions. Please let me know if , on the contrary, it is related to inheritance in Spain, as in that case I could assist.

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