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Thread: Adding my mother-in-law to my/my wife's Social Security

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    Default Adding my mother-in-law to my/my wife's Social Security

    I'm an Irish citizen, and have been working and living in Spain for the last 18 months. I pay Social Security and my NIE and all relevant documents. My wife, originally from Kazakhstan, is now also an Irish citizen and she is also working and living here, payign social security.
    We applied for my mother-in-law, a Kazakh national (non-EU) to come and live with us here in Spain and our application was successful. She has been granted residency until 16/102016. She is coming to Spain on March 17th and we will go first thing on Moday morning (March 20th) to the police for her to do the 'fingerprint' and final documents. Apparently then it takes up to 45 days to receive her residence card.
    The thing is my mother-in-law requires dialysis. She visited us towards the end of last year and received emergency dialysis in public hospital here. We obviously need her to keep receiving her dialysis but the hospital are looking for her social security number.
    What is the best way for us to do this? As she won't be working, I presume we need to add her as a beneficiary to my or my wifes Social Security? Can we do this befoere she receives her residence card or will the letter showing approval of residency and the receipt of 'fingerprint' etc which we receive next Monday do?
    Are we entitled to add her to our Social Security?
    I appreciate you taking the time to read this and would be very appreciative if you could give me some clarification on what we need to do.
    Thanks and Regards,

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    Hello Michael,

    Yes, you are entitled to add your mother-in-law either to your or your wife's social security. Although it would make more sense adding her to your wife's. It is important that your mother-in-law lives with you and is under your care. Remember that she must be considered as a dependant.

    It is the Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social (INSS) who takes care of this process. Depending of where you are based it will be located in one place or another. So you must find out which is your nearest office dealing with 'tarjetas sanitarias'.

    For your mother-in-law to have the right to sanitary assistance your wife will need to present the following documents:

    To fill in the form which you are issued there.
    Your wife's residence permit & sanitary card
    Official documents showing the link between card holder and your mother-in-law.
    Documentation showing that they live together and that she depends economically of her daughter. The first can be shown by means of a certificado de empadronamiento colectivo, which you can obtain at the Town Hall.

    However please note that these requirements can vary from one 'comunidad autonoma' to another or even one office to another, so I would recommend that you request an appointment previously in order to ask them for the exact documents they require. You might find that they actually request less.

    Finally regarding your question as to when to approach them, I would do this pretty much straight away. It is not necessary to wait for her physical residency card to be granted, although you might want to take with you documents to prove that she will soon obtain her card.

    I hope this information is helpful.
    Marta Flores
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