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Thread: Illegal staying in Barcelona

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    Post Illegal staying in Barcelona

    Hola, Iam undocumented migrant here in Barcelona for almost a year. I have decided to go back in my home country which is the Philippines for good. My question is what I will going to do and what will happen to me are their any legal process which I'm going through like I do not have papers nor visa to show to the airport authorities here in Barcelona and in other airport where I have my layover, are the airport authories will hold me? I really need an Idea whats gonna happen along my journey going back home I hope you can answer my query Thank you so much

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    Hello Jona

    I guess you have a travel document/passport? If you have overstayed your visa ad the authorites notice when you are at the airport, you may be fined and served a prohibition to enter Spain for a couple of years, but you won´t be held or stopped from flying.

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