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Thread: Not paid the Mortgage for 3 Years, my keys might still let me in...!!??

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    Default Not paid the Mortgage for 3 Years, my keys might still let me in...!!??

    My name is Simon i'm 32. Back in 2008 I visited the Almeria region with my mother and father with a property company. We fell in love with place and promptly made plans to purchase a property on a new village in Los Gallardos.
    To cut a long story short, bad times had fallen upon us and unemployment soon followed. We haven't paid the mortgage since 2009/2010 and communication has since ceased altogether. We have made attempts to contact our Bank Manager via email (now no reply) and we have even had some letters translated and posted out to our local branch and main office Bancaja aswell. We have heard nothing, after many attempts to resolve matters - a few years on, i would now like to see if i could remedy the situation and have made plans to visit in May (and stay in a hotel), i'm looking to arrange a dialougue with the local branch on my hols (now i am laden with the best Spanish translation apps on my iPad), perhaps i could extend the term and get payments up and running again, surely it is better for them. As we have heard the Spanish banks are not in the business of becoming Estate Agents!!?
    I'm intriguid that in recent threads i've heard frightful talk of Spanish Banks coming after us in the UK, fact is i haven't paid the mortgage for some years now, i've had no communication, and our friends out in Mojacar who checked on our apartment up until later last year - could still get in with the key we issued them. So why don't i go out to Spain, with the set of keys and try them myself - blimey if the door opens (as simple as it seems) surely i could approach the bank and re-ignite some form of dialogue and get things back on track. All seems a little starnge, please advise on my experience and whether you can let me know of a way forward.
    Your help and advice is very much apprecaited....Warmest regards,

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    Dear Simon,

    I recommend you to try and call the bank so they clarify the matter, as it is unusual that they are not answering your e-mails and letters. If still unable to contact them to find out what is the current situation of the property, I advise you to make a Land Registry search to confirm who is the current registered owner of the property and see if the house has been repossessed by the bank or still remains in your name. If still in your name, I believe you would still be in a position to renegotiate mortgage conditions or even a Dacion en Pago. If repossession has already taken place (most probably as two years have passed), some kind of formal notification should have been sent to you and you may have funds or assets embargoed in your home country by the Spanish bank so they recover their debt, although it is not likely it could happen.

    We can assist in any or both actions; Land Registry Search and bank negotiations, so please feel free to email me on Patricia at to receive further information.

    Best Regards
    Patricia Martin
    Legal Assistant at Lawbird
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