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Thread: having permanent comunatario residency can i work in whole europa

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patricia View Post

    Yes, this needs to be corrected. In accordance with the modifications made in April last year after the Royal Decree 557/2011 came into force, this was changed and the permanent residence card has to be renewed every 5 years, no matter if it is under Regimen General or Comunitario.

    Thank you, Patricia.

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    Default Renewal of NIE-comunitario familiar

    Hello Patricia,

    Im a non EU married to a Belgian 5 years ago, and still is. My question is: Do I get the same NIE card in terms of duration? I got 5 years with my present card and must renew it in August 2013. Also, I would like to ask if I can already apply for a Spanish Citizenship. Im carrying a Filipino passport..Thanks a lot

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    Hello Luis,

    If your card expires this summer, after 5 years of validity, you are entitled to apply for the Permanent residence Card as a Relative to an EU citizen, being the basic requirements to still keep the same Family relationship, have adequate sources of income and not having been out of the country for more than 30 months during the last 5 years and under no circumstances should any absence be of more than 12 consecutive months. You can find all the information about this application here. That new card will grant you a permanent right to stay, but the actual card will have to be renewed every 10 years ( renewal will be automatic ).

    As you are a Filipino citizen, you are eligible for Spanish nationality after 2 years of legal residency, which means you are eligible since August 2010. Therefore you can file your nationality application at the closest Civil Registry whenever you like. You can learn more about the requirements and procedure here.

    Patricia Martin
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    Default working in spain

    I have a query about working in Spain. In 2004 I married an EU citizen (Ireland) who had residency in Spain (I am an American). In 2005 I received my NIE. I worked continuously in Spain from 2005 through 2011. In 2010, when I renewed my NIE, I received Residente Permanente (expires 24-02-2020). Unfortunately in the fall of 2011, we divorced. I left Spain for work elsewhere and have been out of the country for about 1 and half years. I now have an offer of work in Spain and want to return. I consulted two lawyers and received two different answers! I am hoping you can give me some advice.
    The first lawyer said there was no problem. I have Residente Permanente status. And I was married for over three years and I had lived in Spain for more than one of those years.
    The second lawyer said that whilst the above was true, I had to apply to the Ministry of the Interior for permission to live in Spain and permission to work in Spain before I could accept the job offer.
    I would appreciate your advice.
    Thank you!

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    Exclamation Permanent comunitario changed larga duracion EU

    Hello patricia
    Thanks for ur guidance, with ur guidence i received permanent residence card(validity 10 years). In m/o March my divorce is also completed. Then With this card i tried differnt EU countries for job but they did not give me permission to do work. They were saying with this card with ur wife u can do work here. without her u can not do work. So

    I came back in spain and I applied to get Larga duracion EU. Now my residency larga duracion eu Resulto FAVORABLE now.
    1.Hope now i can do work in whole europa now?
    2.when i will get larga duracion EU. i have to return my residency Permanent comunitario? or i can use both?
    3.If i go in other country i start business at there and have business in spain also after 10 years can i apply for nationality?
    4.If i do not go in other country and live and do work in spain, after 10 years i can apply for nationality.
    Thanks and awaiting.

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