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Thread: I'm illegal here in spain, what do i do now to get my permiso de residencia

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    Hi Marta Flores.

    I am Hardik Patel. I have recently came to Spain and I am living here on illegal base. I have one question which makes me so confused. If you can give me advice on that i will be really thankfull to you.
    I have read all forums and websites there is 2 types of "Permisode Residencia". 1. Arriago Social and 2. Arriago Laboral. In Arriago Laboral it says when you stayed permemamtly in Spain for 2 years and you have worked atleast 6 months than you can apply for the Resident Permit. With Police Criminal report and Work Inspection report. My question is when someone stays on illegal base how he can get letter from work inspection that shows he have worked for 6 month to 1 year in 2 years. That means do i need to work with contract or do i need to work legally with paying Tax and social contributions?

    Please give me feedback.

    I hope i will get good advice on this.

    Thanking You.

    Kind Regards,
    Hardik Patel.
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    Hello Hardik

    These are the requirements for the residence permit application based on Work settlement ( Arraigo Laboral ):

    - To be a non EU citizen and not related to a EU citizen that resides in Spain.
    - To have a clean criminal record certificate.
    - Not to have an entry prohibition in Spain and not be listed as an individual that has been refused entry in other countries that have an agreement with Spain and that regard.
    - Not to be committed to a non-return period of time in Spain due to voluntary return to home country, if applicable.
    - To have remained in Spain, on a continuous basis, for a minimum period of time of two years. In order to be considered a continued stay, an absence of 90 days within the last two years will be considered an interrupted stay.
    - A provable work relationship of no less than 6 months. To prove this, these are the documents accepted by the Immigration office:

    - Court order or Conciliation settlement agreement recognizing it on the ongoing court case.
    - Administrative Resolution confirming the Infraction record issued by the Work and Social Security Inspection body proving it.

    As you can see from the above, for you to be eligible for this type of permit application, you must have been working at least for months and have a court case in process for irregular work situation; that is that your work place must have undergone a work inspection and you employer been fined for hiring a worker in an irregular situation.

    You canīt work legally without a work permit. This type of permit is aimed to offer a solution to those individuals that have been fined for working in an irregular basis but have already been in Spain for 2 years.

    I trust I have been able to answer your questions.

    Patricia Martin
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    Default Hi Hardik Patel,

    My name is Amit 55 years old from Mehasana District of Gujarat State, India. I am planning to come to SPAIN. As you know it is very difficult to get a VISa of SPAIN. Can you help me? Do you have any Contact. I am well educated person in English Medium and also completed TOFEL examination. How is job oopportunity in SPAIN ? I am alone, can you suggest where I can stay in SPAIN in budge after arrival in SPAIN. Please write to me.

    Thank you

    Gujarat, India

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    Default is it must to renew your Empadronamientoafter two years

    Quote Originally Posted by Marta View Post
    Hi Jerry,

    If you are able to prove that you have lived in Spain for more than three years, you can request a type of permit called: “Permiso de Residencia por Arraigo Social”. Amongst many other requirements, you will need to have clean police records in Spain and in your home country, and have a job offer with a minimum duration period of one year. For more information on this permit please feel free to PM me.
    if i dont have a resident card is it a must to renew my registration at city hall or i can go there after three years to get a confirmation,
    alot of my colleagues say i have to renew my Empadronamiento but i i did not understand why though as i still live in that same house and i am assured about that.

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    You need to renew the empadronamiento every two years if you are in an irregular situation, and apply for settlement ( Arraigo Social ) after 3 years of continued stay in Spain. Once you are a resident you donīt have to renew the empadronamiento so often any more.


    Patricia Martin
    Legal Assistant at Lawbird
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