Me and my wife live in the united states, my wife is currently registered as a cuban citizen and her fathers side of the family are spanish citizens. One of my wife's spanish relatives recently passed away, and apparently left something in the will for her (we do not know what it is yet). The family is getting together soon to read the will, unfortunately because of short notice and financial troubles we are unable to fly my wife to spain. Are we going to lose the inheritance? could we video conference into the will reading, would that be enough? We also have an additional complication in that one of her family members has been appointed as the executor, and this person does not want her to get anything in the will, we have heard rumors that it may be possible for the executor to add stipulations or make getting the inheritance impossible. What should we do? Can we hire a lawyer and send him on her behalf to the will reading? Any advice would be wonderful, we are really in a bad situation here, thanks!