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Thread: Public Warning.-Scammers passing themselves off as Spanish lawyers and law firms

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    Angry Spanish scam

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    He offered me an inheritance of my distant relative`s $7.5 mill.US for a 50%-50% split. I think it is a scam.
    His office email:
    Private email:
    Tel: 011 34 672 578 780
    My father just received the exact same letter. Definitely a scam. The letter had poor grammer was on cheap paper and was a classic fishing attempt.

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    Default Letter from Barr. Frank Morgan, AAS & ABOGADOS, Barcelona

    I live in Cyprus and I have received a a letter from Barr. Frank Morgan, junior associate at AAS & Abogados, telling me that I inherited $5,700,000 and wants to split with me 40%+40% excluding 20% given to charity organizations.
    I searched the address written on the letter (Calle Bruc No.84, 08009 Barcelona, Spain) and in fact it seems like there is a real attorney office with the firm of ASS & Abogados!.. Attorney name and phone number seem not be real though.

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    My Father recieved a letter alike all of these ones yesterday in the mail from Barrister Mr Geraldo Torabi and associates saying a person with the last name (maybe an unknown relative) and his family died in the 2004 December tsunami and there is 4,500,000 euro needed to be sent to my father and organisations that these people choose.. Honestly, how pathetic are these people. They use such disasters that rocked the world to scam people... Pathetic i say.

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    Default Scam

    I just received a letter yesterday from "Barrister Juan Rodriguez" who works for Rodriguez-Asesorias in Madrid. From what I gather in this forum it is the usual stuff, Millions and other unamed other goodies with a 50/50 split. There was no actual business by that name and the phone number does not exist. The pretext was the same, dead person with same last name and he needs to find someone quick or else the money woulkd go to the government,

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    Default Me Too

    I received the same letter from Geraldo Torabi. Recently I made an international transfer to a bank in Spain. I wonder if someone has obtained access to my information to be able to send the letterr?

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    Default Same here

    Just received similar letter from Barrister Mr Geraldo Torabi and associates telling me he has big bucks for me ! With same justification of the deceased far relative but it's just same family name. It's the second time I get one of those... And they spend money on stamps ! There must be some people replying and getting ripped off...

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    Default Spammer

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
    My father just received the exact same letter. Definitely a scam. The letter had poor grammer was on cheap paper and was a classic fishing attempt.
    i got the same letter. Definitely a scam.

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    Hi here is another 3 Bogus lawyers UK Lawyers in Spain notary Roldan Restrepo I have to pay into Martin Emilio Roldan Restrepo Bank Accouint La Caixa Iban ES 75 2100 2643 4501 1037 6293 BIC: CAIXESBBXXX Proof payment to be sent to + 34 951 238051 Funny they had a website on Thursday/Friday but by yesterday it had gone, just the same if I had sent them any money.Another D.Luis Fernandez Garcia. Avda Juan Go'mez Juanito,6, Edif: Beneco,Atico. 29640 Fuengirola Malaga. the third is Leon Cardenal, C/de Granada 6 bajo A, 03001 Alicante/Alacant. Tel +34 603 210 888 - Fax =34 966 182 492 All three wanting to help me reclaim my worthless holiday cashback voucher!. How kind of them....
    Elizabeth Robertson

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    Default One in Sweden to!

    My husband revived a letter in the post yesterday. Today he went to th Swedish Police with it. The letter is from a person claiming or calling himself Abogado Bufete Pinto Ruiz with adress Beethoven 13, 08020 Barcelona. The letter was posted in Valencia. Telephone 0034-672812307, Fax 0034917692825. E-mail


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    Angry Warning - Another letter to Sweden

    My niece recieved a letter alike all of these ones yesterday from Mr Jose Luis Alonso (Esq) saying that a person with one of the last name like hers (I ) died in the 2006, and there is U$DS 9,080,000, deposit as a family valuable fund. The fund could be shared equally amongst them after 5% of the total amount has be sent to the nearest Red Cross, and 5% for expensive that them encouter when she may visit Spain.

    The full name and address : Jose Luis Alonso, Law Brokers - Abogados & Procuradores
    Paseo de la Castellana 141, planta 18, Edificio "Cuzco IV" 28046 Madrid, Tel 0034 632 818 323, Fax 0034 911 333 762 Email:

    Jose Luis Alonso isn't in the lawyers register.

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