Hello Sir/Madam,

I hope this message finds you well.

I am in serious situation now. I am Ghanaian citizen and my partner was Spanish.

I had a living together process with my partner and I was able to get the residence permit (regime comunitario) valid for 5 years, less than 3 month after getting the card, I suspected she was seeing her old boyfriend and I asked her and we fought and she had to take me off her address as I was living under her address, we broke and didnt see any future with us anymore.

I went to my lawyer and asked to separate me from being under my partner so I could get a residence card that is independent as I am working at the moment, I provided everything she requested but later I had to convince my partner to put me on her new address, since I needed it for my work purposes and yesterday the lawyer called and said I should meet her on monday as she has received a decision which was not favorable and I am very uncomfortable right now.

Please what could be the worse decision and what I can do to continue living and working in Spain?

Please I need your advice.

Thank you in advance.