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Thread: Validity of Regimen Comunitario card

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    Exclamation Validity of Regimen Comunitario card (Reminder)

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    Hello Patricia

    Thanks for responding. At this time Im awating the time (15Days)of court for reclaim if any body have objection against decision. I m confused may b minsitery will
    give or not. so writing you with a hope of guidence:

    1.Can they ignore court order by saying you 6 years before u gave up comunitario for to get Larga duracion EU. Your Larga duracion EU is annulado then you have no right of Comunitario also?



    Thanks & awtg
    Hello Patricia

    As per above questions pls add one more pls

    3. The court gave decsion against me did not give me Residency Larga duracion EU can ministery refuse me by saying your larga duracion is annulado. From that period (6 years) you are illegal.
    So you can not get comunitario card also. Actually they annulado both cards in 2018 and i applied a writ against both decisions. Now the court gave order to regulise Tarjeta comunitario.
    What will b the next one because you are a most senior lawyer. Your opinion will be authenticated.

    Thanks and awtg

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    Hello Haji,

    I am not able to reply your query based on the information you have provided, as I need to check the documentation related to the case and the content of the resolution. Feel free to contact us using our website contact form.

    Patricia Martin
    Legal Assistant at Lawbird
    Check My Profile

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