Hi All

I am scheduled to apply for my Spanish nationality in a month. But as you guys know, there is a new requirement that one has to do two exams (CCSE and DELE A2 Instituto Cervantes) before submitting the application. I already have done CCSE and now the question is about DELE A2.
I already have a diploma from Escuela Official de Idiomas (EOI) certifying that I completed a summer Spanish course and that I achieved Spanish level of B1. Now we also know that the ministry has said that DELE A2 can be substituted by EOI diploma (There is an "Orden ministerial", that confirms that holders of the certificates from Escuela Official de Idiomas (EOI) do not need to do DELE). Now the problem is the following:

I called the Ministry of Justice (hotline) to just confirm the latter aspect. The lady on the phone confirmed the above and told me that I do not need to do any additional DELE A2 since I already have B1 from EOI. She told me to just attach my diploma from EOI with my online nationality application. Sounded good!

I called again after some hours just to re-confirm. The call was attended by another lady and she said - NO. Even though I have my B1 diploma from EOI, I first need to apply for a Dispensa to the ministry and if the ministry grants me that, then my EOI Diploma would be considered as a substitution for DELE A2. I told her that your previous colleague told me differently, and she said NO - Im 100% sure that what Im telling you is the right thing! Dispensa is required for your EOI Spanish diploma to be considered sufficient.

Now this is super conflicting information and I have no idea what is right! Can anyone of you help me out on this? Many thanks! David