Dear Sir/Madam,

I am turning 18 this summer and graduating from school. I am a non-EU and non-former spanish colony citizen I’ve got a boyfriend who is a Spanish national and we are planning to marry and I would move to live in Spain. I am also taking a gap year and I want to study in a European university after. However, there are several things I am not sure in. I have researched the situation a little and I've got the impression that it takes ages. I would be extremely glad if you could please clarify some aspects of how all this must be done.

1. Where must we give in the documents for marriage?

2. How long should we wait until we are given a permission to marry, if such exists?

3. After we are married, do I automatically obtain a residence card, if not, how long does it take to receive one since the date of applying?

4. What must I do to obtain a work permit right after we’ve just married (because that is important since I want to help us support the family)?

5. Is it possible to receive a work permit while I am still in my home country?

6. If I understand correctly, after a year I am eligible to apply for citizenship, if so, how long does it take?

7. Am I allowed to travel for short periods of time during the first year stay in Spain?

8. Am considered as a “home” student by the EU universities and I pay the normal fees like the “home” students?

9. Is it possible to marry now with a parental agreement if that would catalyze the entire process?

I am sorry for so many questios, but I am worried about it and would like to know as much as possible. I would highly appreciate your help, it is very important for me to know and especially from such a website with knowledgeable people.

Thank you in advance!