Hi, My TIE application was archived. I need to apply for a recurso now. Can someone tells how many days do we have to apply for a recurso?
a little background:
I got admission in abc university and was enrolled there but I did not study as i was informed that the program is in english language but when I arrived in spain and started my course i found out some courses were in spanish and catalan, therefore I dropped it as I did not understand these languages. I tried applying in other courses but I was informed to wait until next year. now this year i got admission in another university and i am studying there.
For the TIE renewal application, the proof of marks of previous year is required which I do not have as I did not study last year. hence I submitted my application without it. but now they archived my application and are asking for this document.

can you please advise what i should do.

thank you.