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Thread: Visit visa then marry to a Spaniard and change to residence visa

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    Lightbulb Visit visa then marry to a Spaniard and change to residence visa

    Hello, can somebody enlighten me if this is possible? Im with my Spanish boyfriend for a year now and he is going to move to spain by jan 2019. He is planning to bring me to his home country. But we wanted to try the fiance/settlement/engagement visa. He said i can have tourist visa to go to spain and we will have this ceremony like engagement then with approval from the govt i can change my tourist visa to residence visa. Is this possible?? We dont want to get marry yet. We want to try as a live in couple before jumping to this major life changing decision of marriage. Need your opinion?? Thanks!!

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    The Spanish embassy doesn´t issue fiancé visas; This form doesn´t exist in Spain. You can enter Spain on a tourist visa, that may allow you to be in the country during 90 days. Within that amount of time you can marry or register as partners if you have all the documentation required with you. After you have formalized the relationship, either by marriage or registration, you can apply for your residence card as the relative of an EU citizen. If you exceed the 90 days period and you have not started a marriage application or registration application, you won´t have a reason to argue the overstayed time. If you are not ready to marry yet, the best option is to spend 90 days as a tourist only and then go back your country.

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