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Thread: Non lucrative renewal

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    Post Non lucrative renewal

    Hello ,

    1/I am a non eu citizen .This is my first year in Spain and I have to apply for non lucrative recidency renewal soon.
    I am confused with minimum stay 6 months condition for renewals. Is it 180 days to be exact or 183 days? I am counting the days.

    2/The issue is one of my parents has serious health issue ,I have to assist her and ı may not meet minimum stay condition in Spain next year . I wonder if evidence of health serious issue can be an exception for minimum stay condition.


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    Hello Bernat

    You need to be in Spain at least for 6 months ( 180 days ) every year. If you cannot meet that requirement due to exceptional reasons, as looking after a relative may be, you need to show documented evidence when filing the renewal application, such as medical reports and birth certificate to prove the family relationship. Each case is different. I would recommend you to ask an immigration law expert to examine the documentation that will justify the absence before you file the application.

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