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Thread: Legit check (scamwatch) for Litigation Services S.L.

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    Question Legit check (scamwatch) for Litigation Services S.L.

    Has anybody got experience of dealing with Litigation Services SL?

    According to its website, litigationservices. es, it claims to have a team of lawyers, but quotes details of only one:

    "JLC Legal Services, University of Granada Spain", Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Malaga 6956.

    According to abogacia .es, Malaga 6956 belongs to Jose Lara Cabello, dating from 20Feb2008. Senor Cabello appears to have no active web profile, nor an explicit mention on any website that would ordinarily list him to drum up trade. (At least, none that I can google from a UK IP address.)

    The company form, SL, does not appear compatible with the requirement for profesional in the name (section 7 of uk. practicallaw. thomsonreuters. com )

    What further evidence should I seek to be sure that Litigation Services S.L. might be a bona fide business, or even a bona fide agent of a lawyer, and not some con-trick?

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    JLC Legal Services is not a registered company, but Mr. Jose Lara Cabello is an active lawyer, registered with Bar Association number 6956, and who has a link with a firm in the Malaga province: Lara Abogados.

    Possibly, his name is being used for a fake company but he has no connections at all with JLC.

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