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Thread: Luis Santiago Associates Abogados

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    Default Received same

    Hi from British Columbia, Canada. just received the same letter in the post today, from Diez Asociados &Abogados in Madrid, Spain.
    It didn't take long for me to find this site to see all the others who have also received the same letter. What a bunch of crooks! I hope nobody else sends money to them!!

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    Looks like the scam has hit Australia! What a load of rubbish! Obviously a form letter where they just change the person's name. (note the name is in bold)

    Feel sorry for anyone who was scammed!!! Beware!!!

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    I just sent them $10.000 and i was told that 10 million dollars will be in my account in 10 days, should I be worry?

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    Like the rest of you, I too got a letter from a "Mr. Jose Antonio Lopez (Esq.)" from the legal firm "Diez Asociados & Aborgados". I live in Ontario, Canada. These are the details of the letter:

    Like everyone else, the "Client" was wealthy and he died. Where mine differs from most of what I read is that he didn't die in a tsunami, but rather "died along with his entire family on the 24th of December, 2004 in an accident which occur along Madrid - Valencia Express Way here in Spain"

    This letter was sent to my father, who got ill last year and was hospitalized in Acapulco, where the corrupt doctors found creative ways to milk money out of us until we were able to fly him back to Canada. Not sure if its worth noting, but my father was older (70) and he died a couple months later peacefully. The "client" in question just happened to "share" my family last name, with his first name being listed as "Harpesh". My family is of a German background, and that first name is far from German....

    Our offer was 10.5 Million, with all the usual "contact next of kin", his search for the next of kin "has proved abortive", asking for consent to be presented as the "Next of Kin/beneficiary", and that "all the legal documentations to back up my claim as the client's Next of Kin" shall be provided.

    I was given the following contact information (which I never bothered using):

    Mr. Jose Antonio Lopez (Esq)
    24 Hours Direct Tel: 011 34 672 897 623
    Tel/Fax: 011 34 911 820 263

    I put as many relevent details in this message as possible, so that if anyone gets a letter similar to mine, and Googles it, that it may lead them to this messsage board. Nobody should be scammed by this, especially elderly people who are too trusting.

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    I too have received the same letter at the end of February 2011 & I live in Australia. The details are exactly the same as the post previous to this one.

    It is a shame that people actually believe these scammers.

    I did some research about this "Diez Asociados & Abogados" & at the time it took me to an actual website, but I knew it wasn't legitimate and I have just tried it again tonight (hence finding these posts) & nothing is available, hopefully it has been shut down for good. None of this guys credentials were legitimate either as he/they are using free email addresses & there was NO such accident either. Another thing is the post mark on the envelope is from Portugal & this letter is supposed to come from Madrid??

    It is amazing how these people try this ALL over the world. I ended up reporting it to our Australian Scam Watch.

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    Default They are active again

    Quote Originally Posted by Cindy View Post
    My husband just got a letter today in the mail from a “Luis Santiago Associates Abogados” in Madrid. Interestingly, the letter was posted in Pisa, Italy. It requested my husband to pose as the next of kin of a wealthy “client” of the law firm who has allegedly died leaving 7,500,000 Euro. The deceased “client” has the same last name as my husband. The “lawyer” requested that my husband be “presented to the bank as the next of kin” to avoid the money being confiscated by the government. The “lawyer” suggested that my husband contact him to get more details. His generous proposal is that after giving 10% of the money to charity the remaining 90% would be shared between my husband and the “lawyer”. Needless to say, we are not responding.
    Today, 28 May 2011, my wife received a similar letter from the same "company", apparently a far away relative died in the Tsunami of 2004(!!!) leaving my wife $7.5 mio to inherit, same text as described in the other posts, regarding sharing of the inheritance etc. The letter we received was posted in Valencia.

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    Default Alejandro & socios Servicios Legales

    Just sent me same letter called me sounded legit but am glad I look into this greta scammers people in Canada

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    Default More of the same.

    I have just received a similar letter by post to-day, dated 06/06/2013

    Supposedly from Dr Jaime Hernandez Obelart, the letter head is:
    "Guerra Abogados", (desde 1942)

    There is a web site for Guerra Abogados and it looks legit.

    Same sort of bait is used as above.

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