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Thread: What can I do if the agent is refusing to return my deposit?

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    Hello all..its norma barnes...same email address...same phone number....for all of us who have ever had any of our hard earned money stolen, scammed or taken in any way by steve lee and anne williams then we all need to go to our local police and report them for fraud. I have been digging for many many years and have now got an absolute "shed load" of information on both of them which I am now going to share with you all...firstly steve is in prison in Alhuerin near Malaga no not fraud related but drug related hes awaiting trial anne is trying to get him bail.her phone number is [REDACTED]..I have a lot more information but thats enough to get you all started if we all make individual complaints we can keep steve in jail and hopefull put anne behind bars as well....any of you can email me anytime i will call you straight back I have always been totally honest and open on this site..they stole my money ..Norma Barnes
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