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Thread: Barrister Geraldo Flind ESQ

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    Default Scam scam scam

    i received a letter very similar to all of these from a GUILLERMO LOPEZ ESQ with the same addres as stated above principe de vergara 60 4 28006 madrid spain tel: 34 634 015 749 email or sent from italy but this person is operating ou of spain and stated that i had a family member who died and left 8.8 million dollars US but if i act now he will help me and make everything ok and i will get 4.4 million and he will only take half. WHAT A F****** JOKE! it is really sad that this thing actually works on some people!! i almost want to email him back and be like nice try buddy but its not gonna work> THIS IS MOST DEFINATELY A SCAM!!!!!

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    Default Definitely a scam

    Hi All,

    My Wife received the same letter through the post from a Barrister David Mendosa with the exact same address as the previous posters "Principe de Vergara 60, Planta 24 28006 Madrid". The letter appears to be asking my wife to dishonestly claim to be somebody's next of kin by virtue of the fact they share the same last name and therefore take a share in 4.5m Euros. Even if true this would be illegal.

    Some points which I would suggest make it undoubtedly a fake:

    1. The paper is standard cheap printer paper.
    2. It is all printed - not letterhead.
    3. Blatant grammatical errors and incorrect English.

    I am putting this in the bin and would advise anyone who receives a similar letter to do the same.

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    Default Lawyer scam

    On Dec 2,2010 I rec'd the same letter from Guillermo Lopez, lawyer. The letter was mailed from Firenze Cmp, Italy with the same info as the most recent letters. The scam scumbugs are still operating. Stay clear of them. Don't respond.

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    I just received a letter from David Mendoza ESQ Solicitor y Notaries Public, Calle Velazquez, 94 1a 28006, Madrid Spain, promising me 4.5 million dollors etc if I claim someone's money who shares the same last name but isn't actually a relative .... obviously a fake

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    Hej. I am from Sweden. I just received the same letter from Morris Mendosa ...
    It took me a while to understand that it was a joke. As you said the paper was too cheap for
    offering me 4,5 million euros.

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    Unhappy good old Mr geraldo Morris

    Just received a similar letter from geraldo Morris barrister Plaza de Espana 35, 28004 Madrid Spain, Email dead relative left me stacks of cash. Sure!!
    Bummer! I though I was rich too. 4.55 m euros.
    What a scam!!!!!

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    Default Romero luis

    i have just had a letter come through my door for the person that lived here before i did. stating that someone in madrid has passed away and that he has left a will which has 6,950,000 Euros in it. and that i could recieve the money if the guy that he originally sent the letter to wasnt at this address anymore lol. what a complete dick!!

    hes info is

    (00 34 672 550 850) unfortunately i dont have a address for him as i have lost the letter =$... but he was based in madrid.

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    Default Same thing

    Hello all!
    Saw that many of u had the same thing.I just wanted to proceed this information so you can check if you got something simlliar.
    Like all of the threads here my aunt also recevied a letter that a kin of us has died.What is strange that the name is Edwin < spelled okay ; but the last name is typed with caps,which means it has been added later.Secondly the amount as you all have mentioned is ridicolus high (8,500,000 < I can buy a island ffs). And also the percantages are also the same,10% to Charity and 90% to both of us. So after I did some reseraches these things I found out: 1.the name of the firm Joehannson asociate doesnt exsists,I mean it does but spelled like this > johansson associate. 2.It is said that my aunt is the next of kin and that is spelled Next of Kin,which as you said before for contacting with such a large amount the letter isnt spelled corectly.I hope this help!!!!
    Information on the letter:
    Joehannson asociate
    Solicitor, Notary Public and Law Consultant
    Calle Velazquez 94 1a 28006 Madrid, Spain
    Fax +34 911 829 304
    Name of lawyer : Joehannson Kennedy (which when you google it cames up with J.F.K lol)

    p.s. Sorry for my bad english,im from balkan

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