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Thread: Filipino Wanting Spanish Citizenship

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    Default Stay for Residency and Citizenship

    Hi Patricia. After reading this thread and other sites talking about residency and citizenship, I have the following questions/clarifications:

    1. For the 2-year residency for a Philippine citizen/national to be eligible for citizenship, the stay does not need to be continuous for as long as I stay at least 183 days per year, correct?

    2. In relation to question 1, "per year" means calendar year? Or is the "year" counted from the time I'm issued a residence visa (like a Golden Visa or a non-lucrative visa) and is not on a calendar year?

    3. After I meet the 2-year residency requirement and I apply for citizenship, I still need to stay another year while the citizenship application is in process?

    4. During the time that the citizenship application is in process, I cannot leave Spain for more than 3 continuous months until the citizenship is approved?

    5. If I enter Spain on a non-lucrative visa and then I decide to start a business or I get a job, can I convert to an entrepreneur's visa or work visa? And will the time I spent in Spain under the non-lucrative visa be counted towards the 2-year residency requirement for citizenship?

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    Hello ECB,

    Please read my replies to your questions:

    1. Yes, as long as you meet the minimum stay requirement that allowed you renew your residence permit, you should be fine.

    2.It is the year counted since you were issued the residence visa.

    3.Yes, you can Travel but always meet the minimum stay requirement. If you are out of Spain for long periods of time, be sure someone is checking the mail and notificationīs address as the Civil Registry can send you documentation requests or other type of communications related to the nationality application along the process and usually involve a deadline, so it is important to be alert and not miss any notification.

    4. You are correct.

    5. You can apply for a modification of your residence permit at any time once you have renewed the permit for the first time. The amount of time as a resident under the Non Lucrative permit would be added to the new residence authorization.

    If you need further assistance, please contact us via our contact page:

    Patricia Martin
    Legal Assistant at Lawbird
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    Thank you very much, Patricia!

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