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Thread: Filipino Wanting Spanish Citizenship

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    Default Filipino Canadian Applying for Spanish Citizanship

    Hi Patricia. I am a natural born Filipino citizen (born in the Philippines to both Filipino parents) and a naturalized Canadian Citizen. I am living in Spain under the residencia no lucrativa. I have two questions:
    1. Can I study for a Master's degree in a Spanish University under the residencia no lucrativa or this is also prohibited?
    2. If I apply for Spanish citizenship once I meet the required 2 year residency period in Spain, will I need to renounce my Filipino Citizenship and my Canadian Citizenship?
    Thank you very much for your help.

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    Hello Callixtus,

    You can certainly study in Spain. The Non Lucrative residence permitīs limitation is related to work issues; you cannot be a salaried or self-employd worker in Spain, as you residence permit does not include a work permit.

    Regarding the second question, you will have to renounce the Canadian nationality, but not the Philippine one, as Spain recognizes Double Nationality to Philippone citizens.

    Spain wonīt recognize your Canadian nationality ( as you will have renounced it when sweraring the Spanish Nationality oaths ) regardless the fact the Canadian authorities allow you renew your passports and still consider you a Canadian national.

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