Hi Patricia. After reading this thread and other sites talking about residency and citizenship, I have the following questions/clarifications:

1. For the 2-year residency for a Philippine citizen/national to be eligible for citizenship, the stay does not need to be continuous for as long as I stay at least 183 days per year, correct?

2. In relation to question 1, "per year" means calendar year? Or is the "year" counted from the time I'm issued a residence visa (like a Golden Visa or a non-lucrative visa) and is not on a calendar year?

3. After I meet the 2-year residency requirement and I apply for citizenship, I still need to stay another year while the citizenship application is in process?

4. During the time that the citizenship application is in process, I cannot leave Spain for more than 3 continuous months until the citizenship is approved?

5. If I enter Spain on a non-lucrative visa and then I decide to start a business or I get a job, can I convert to an entrepreneur's visa or work visa? And will the time I spent in Spain under the non-lucrative visa be counted towards the 2-year residency requirement for citizenship?