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    Arraigo Social

    Hi! I am Hardik Patel. I been living Barcelona from 2017. I will apply Arraigo social in May 2020 after 3 years complete. My Question is I have my wife and 5 year old Son. What are the requirement of...
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    Question about Social Arraigo

    Hello Good Morning!

    I am Hardik I have been living in spain from last 2 year with Padronamiento on illegal stage.
    I have heard that Government stop Giving Social Arraigo in 2 Years? Is this...
  3. Hi Marta Flores. I am Hardik Patel. I have...

    Hi Marta Flores.

    I am Hardik Patel. I have recently came to Spain and I am living here on illegal base. I have one question which makes me so confused. If you can give me advice on that i will be...
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