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    Selling property as a distressed asset

    How does this work in terms of capital gains tax and plus valia tax? I've been offered a price for my property which will cover the mortgage but I've been told that I need to pay CGT on the Catastral...
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    Capital gains tax and Dacion en Pago

    The bank has given us a period of interest only and we are trying to sell before the mortgage reverts back to a higher amount.

    We have someone who is showing an interest in the property but we...
  3. Thread: Handing keys back

    by Sue

    You can't just hand the keys back unless the bank...

    You can't just hand the keys back unless the bank agree to it. As far as I'm aware they will only do that if you have equity in the property and if you are not already in arrears. It is called Dacion...
  4. How to handle repossession? Desperate for advice.

    Back in November we asked our bank to give us a period of interest only as we were seriously struggling to pay the mortgage. Had they turned us down at that point we would have asked for a Dacion en...
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    How long does a Dacion en pago take?

    From first contact at the bank, how long would I expect a Dacion en Pago to take?

    What happens if I go into arrears during the process? Will it be stopped?

    When I first contact the bank,...
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