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11-03-2009, 12:28 AM
We are a yang family (without children) of Israeli citizens and we are interested in immigration in Spain.
Therefore, we have some questions about our chances and the optimal way for our actions.
Actually we haven’t some kind of immovable propriety in Spain but in future we have planes about this.
I work as an art director in a web company and my work has a good specifics that don’t depend of my localization, so I can to continue working in this company in Spain also. So, there is possibility of stable income received from abroad for first time. Beside this we have an idea of opening a business (SRL) in Spain.
So, at the beginning we are thinking about to get a “VISADO DE RESIDENCIA NO LABORAL”, to come in Spain and live there continuing my actually working and beginning to create our own company there. After one year to change this kind of residence to “RESIDENCIA CON PERMISO DE TRABAJO”. Is this possible? Is this a good way or maybe exist some better?
By the way, I know that exist “AUTORISACION DE TRABAJO” and “PERMISO DE TRABAJO” what is a differences between them?
Thanks a lot!

11-04-2009, 01:50 PM
Hi Victor,

The information provided is not very detailed and it is therefore difficult to give you an answer on this basis. However, from what you have explained I don’t think that you fit into the non lucrative applicant profile. As its name indicates, non lucrative permit, you should be receiving a regular and guaranteed income from abroad but under no circumstance be working in Spain. It seems that your case fits more into a self-employed work and residence permit. I would nevertheless prefer that you contact me via our website so that we can study your case in more detail.

Changing the nature of your permit after one year is possible.

Autorización de trabajo and permiso de trabajo mean the same thing.

11-05-2009, 01:51 PM
Hi Marta,

Thank you for your answer!
I didn’t understand exactly what website did you mean (as I understood, the contact form on immigration.lawbird.com, but I’m not sure), therefore I’ll write here…

Sorry, but may be I didn’t explain enough my currently work situation. My company is Israeli company and have no any branch office in Spain or other countries. I work at home by internet, so my work would not apply to engage in any employment or any registered business in Spain, products and services of our company not subject to the Spanish market. I’ll get a regular salary in Israel to my bank account and will transfer money to Spain. As I know, there is an agreement on avoidance of double taxation between Spain and Israel, ie being working and paying taxes in Israel, I do not have to pay taxes in Spain. So, practically I’ll not work in Spain, this is only a way I receive income, and all I mean is that I’ll can receive a regular and guaranteed income from abroad.
Otherwise, we do not plan to open a business soon after arrival – first, we want to analyze the market, assess opportunities, and improve our Spanish language. Furthermore, in our plans for set up a business does not involve substantial initial investment, which, as I saw, needs to get a self-employed work and residence permit. Beside this, we want to invest our money savings in buying apartment by the hypothec loan and now we consider this with a higher priority than the opening of a business.
By said above I see a way that I described in my first letter (a self-employed work and residence permit does not satisfy us if it needs a big initial financial investment). On what condition the changing of non lucrative applicant profile to lucrative permit is possible? Can there be any complications in this regard? May be I’m not aware of other opportunities and you can recommend some better or easier ways?

Sorry, if my English is not so good.
Thank you very much for your help.

11-06-2009, 01:48 PM
Hi Victor,

Thank you for this explanation.

We are going to have to speak about your earnings so perhaps it is best that you contact me at http://www.lawbird.com/services/contact

I await for your e-mail.