View Full Version : buying a mooring for a boat .

03-25-2014, 08:07 PM
We have a problem . My father who is 75 bought a Mooring 28 years ago from a gentleman in Puerto Portals in Mallorca . At the time there was a lease contract , the contract was amended to give ownership to him by Puerto Portals legal department , SIGNED BY ALL PARTIES as a bill of sale . Unfortunately , i dont know why but an escritura wasn't made at the notary . 8 years ago my father decided sell the mooring but could not because he hasn't got an escriura which is now required . In 2006 he paid a well known lawyer here to sort out the escritura , and also paid him the taxes and notary fees upfront which the lawyer asked for as he said it would be completed in 3 weeks . That was 8 years ago .the bill was 3500euros lawyers fees and 3500euros for taxes and notary fees for escritura
My father is ill and we are trying to get this escritura still. The lawyer keeps either ignoring us or passing us off with excuses . The only papers he has given us are the court paper and judgment for Puerto Portals concerning the extended length of the lease in 2010 and another which seems to be asking Puerto Portals for some paperwork .We spoke to Puerto Portals who insist they are waiting for our Lawyer to finish their paperwork and arrange a meeting at the notary to make the escritura .
We dont know what to do now . we cant afford to just go to another lawyer as ours has the taxes already .... is there some sort of ombudsman to complain about lawyers or some action we can take ? PLEASE HELP