View Full Version : URGENT: house got sold by bank over small social security debt I was unaware of

03-19-2013, 07:06 PM
I cancelled my social security payments in Spain but one more payment had gone through without me realising. As the bank could not get hold of me (we have no letterboxes, and I cancelled the one in town and live in the UK) I found my house sold over a tiny debt!
* What are the requirements of a bank in notifying; I don't think the neighbour has seen any notification pinned to the door?
* Am I entitled to part of the money of the sale?
* Any advice or tips (I can't afford huge legal bills!)

03-21-2013, 04:53 PM

Your house can have been auctioned due to an unpaid Social Security debt, though we do not understand the bank´s mention, as you are asking how does the bank send notifications; it is not them who send them. It is important to check the current situation of the case at the courts of Justice to see if there has been some kind of irregularity in the process that render the process void and reverse the situation with the aim to recover the house. If the house had already been sold by auction to a third party in good faith, you could file a claim for damages, and of course, you will be able to collect the remaining moneys after the auction; that is, what has been left after clearing the debt.

If it is a Social Security debt, any notification sent to the address you indicated at the SS will be valid. If there is nobody to collect the mail, they leave notifications and if nobody appears, public notifications are published and the legal process goes on. There is no legal obligation for the authorities to notify at the address the debtor has in foreign countries

We strongly recommend you to hire a solicitor that can examine the legal process and assess on the situation and possible course of action to be followed.


11-27-2013, 12:52 PM
"Your house can have been auctioned due to an unpaid Social Security debt"

For the last few years, banks have been seizing foreclosed homes, though investigations and lawsuits have slowed down the process. A $25 billion settlement of federal and state investigations, however, means that foreclosure (http://personalmoneynetwork.com/moneyblog/2012/07/10/heart-attack-after-foreclosure/) are likely to spike in the coming months.