View Full Version : 3rd Residcy rejected for renewal

09-03-2012, 08:22 PM
Hello Mis

This is writing to get some information pls

In 2009 I got 1st residency (validity 01 year)
In 2010 I got 2nd residency (validity 02 years till 2012)

In Total these 03 years i worked about 01 year. Remianing 02 years i got PARO Ayuda
But from April 2012 I m working regulary till now.
Now in 2012 I submitted 2nd residency (for 2 years)for renwal, but they rejected my case.
In this situtation what should i do now.
I should go to court?
Submit again with running contract?
Pls guide me

09-05-2012, 10:02 AM

I would need to see the resolution and read which has been the cause for denial to then determine if you have chances to appeal.

Initially, and considering the limited information you have given me, I believe your permit could be renewed if you have sources of income supported by a work contract that has a minimum duration of one year and that the salary will cover your living expenses.

You can contact me by email ( click on my profile, below ) if you wish to send me the resolution and then I will confirm my advice.