View Full Version : Paro, larga duracion and citizenship

07-09-2012, 11:49 AM

I am on 'trajeta de residencia'. I completed 4 years already, and will go for the next renewal (getting 'larga duracion) in Feb 2013.

If I am on 'paro' and get benefits from the government now, will it affect my getting larga duracion in feb 2013?

After 6 more years when I am eligible for citizenship, will the number of weeks/months I have been on paro have any affect?


07-23-2012, 05:18 PM
Hello Steve,

Even if you are in Paro, you can still apply for residencia de larga duracion if you prove you have been living in Spain during the last 5 years legally. They will not check if you are currently working, but will take into account if you have certainly been in the country during thatb time, only being allowed to have been out of the country for one year in those 5 years. You can check this information here: Hoja informativa 46 (http://extranjeros.empleo.gob.es/es/InformacionInteres/InformacionProcedimientos/documentos2/46.pdf).

The fact of being in paro will have no effect whatsoever on your citizenship application, though you are not expected to be unemployed for the coming 6 years, hopefully!