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San Diego
06-20-2012, 05:32 PM
Does anyone know if Naturalized or natural born Filipino Americans can apply for naturalized Spanish citizenship under the two year accelerated residency requirements? I currently have only an American passport, and am wondering if I should reclaim my Filipino citizenship before applying to start my 2 years of Spanish residency.

From my understanding, only natural born Filipinos, Iberoamericans and Latin Americans are eligible for accelerated naturalization. Therefore, it sounds like I, being born in the Philippines but naturalized as a US citizen, would be eligible, but my young son, born in the USA, would not. Is this correct?

My husband is a natural born American citizen, as is my toddler son. Since only I am eligible for accelerated (2 year) naturalization, I will be the only one applying for Spanish citizenship. Does anyone have experience in how my husband and son will be viewed by the Spanish Consulate? What is the best way for my husband and son to spend the most of those 2 naturalization years with me in Spain? Can they stay with me on tourist visa?

06-28-2012, 02:38 AM
Many Filipinos are interested in acquiring Spanish citizenship. Natural born Filipinos, along with natural born citizens of Latin American countries can bypass the normal naturalization period and gain a quick EU passport. To qualify for accelerated two year, or even one year naturalization, and easy eligibility for Spanish citizenship, a Filipino first MUST have been born in the Philippines from parents of Spanish lineage. Second, the Pinoy considering second citizenship, and all the benefits that come with an EU passport, must acquire temporary or permanent residency in an EU country. This is actually easier than one might think if you have the financial means (at LEAST 250,000 php disposable in accounts). Holiday visas will work (religious/pilgrimage reasons are best to use), but you may have to be willing to Tago ng Tago for a period of time. In 2011, over 1,000 Filipino citizens used this method to leave home and start on the process of obtaining their Spanish citizenship with the help of Manila's Don Bosco Catholic congregation. Most of these Filipinos have subsequently applied for and received their papers.

A mass migration of Filipinos from Manila to Madrid on World Youth Day 2011 made national news in the PI, and caused a big flap for Father Conegongo Garganta of the Philippine Catholic Church when THOUSANDS of Pinoys were allowed under his supervision to go to Madrid on "Christian pilgrimage", only to go TNT and subsequently apply for Spanish repatriation. It looked very bad for the church and the Arroyo administration for so many to go so publicly at one time, exposing a heretofore hidden wide open door. Unfortunately, migration since then has become much more complicated to organize.

If a Pinoy can acquire a work visa, the process is even easier, and many Filipino oriented businesses in th EU have had success bringing in foreign workers by proving special need for their Filipino knowledge and skills to the Spanish consulate. There is a large balikbayan community in Madrid willing to help locate PI oriented businesses that do overseas hiring of pinoys to "get their foot in the door" and get them on their way to their dual PI/Spanish citizenship.