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04-14-2012, 05:24 PM
Ive read a report based on different procedures followed by different countries in EU for Nationality purpose . As in spain we have the longest time period (10 years in general except dome countries) in order to apply for nationality . Ive read about Portugal , they changed it to 6 years , and I've heard that
Spanish Ministry Of Justice is monitoring the situation very closely in case of portugal and they can consider to change the duration in spain * WHICH MIGHT BE 5 YEARS * .

Is it true that there is any proposal like this under consideration of the authorities to reduce the time period (As this can also help in case of stabilizing country fluctuating economy) ???
Any update regarding thisss !!!!

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Overall this is a very good platform . You guys are doing very well .
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04-18-2012, 09:34 AM

First of all, thank you very much for the compliments and suggestion; it is very encouraging and we are certainly working on it.

To date, there have not been any significant modifications nor are there any prospective changes, at least formally announced, to reduce the 10 years general rule to 5 years. As you may be aware the amount of years is reduced depending on certain circumstances, such as nationality of the applicant ( Latin American citizens as well as Andorran and Philippines, among others, can apply after 2 years ), refugee/asylum status, or family relationships with Spanish citizens. Other than that, any non EU legal resident will have to wait to complete 10 years of legal residency to be able to file the Spanish Nationality Application.


05-18-2012, 12:28 PM
Hello Patricia,

I am have been looking every were for a clear information about applying for Spanish citizenship based on marriage.
I got married to a Spaniard (Valencia) in Jan 2011. My Regimen Comunitario (Familiar Ciudadano De La Union) issued date 27-04-2011. Well it not say the issued date. It only says the exp date 27-04-2016.

Based on my research, I am eligible to apply for my citizenship after one year of residency in Spain. The questions I have are the following:

1: About birth certificate. The civil registry (Valencia) has my birth certificate. When we got married they took my birth certificate along with all other documents. My Birth certificate is from India. It is not that easy to get as many copy as you want. They only give it you once. But the Spanish system wants you to have the birth certificate to be valid with in 3 month. Which is impossible. Now is it possible to ask for my birth certificate from the civil registry(Valencia) and explain the situation and get my birth certificate back ? And also, can I get a wavier from them for the 3 validity?

2: I am self employed, I just started a start up company last year in Valencia. I have not made any profile yet. But, I have been paying my social security. Now what are the documents do I need to submit to the civil registry?

3: Criminal record: I have never lived in India. I lived in the US past 16 years and then 4 years in Spain. So, where should my criminal recored be issued? Is it Ok just from the Spanish police?

4: Place of residency ( El empadronamiento ): I have my El empadronamiento with city hall for past 4 years. Do I still have to prove my previous residency in the US?

5: Time line: Based on Marriage, how long does the whole citizenship process takes after submitting all the required documents?

6: Lawyer: Do you think it is advisable to hire a lawyer? If I do how much does it cost?

If you could kindly answer the following questions will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks and Best Regards,

05-21-2012, 12:33 PM
Hello Sulai,

I have answered your questions already by e-mail, but will answer your queries here as well, as the information may be useful for other applicants:

It is a compulsory document, and the legalized certification must not be more than 3 months old. If unable to get it, the Indian authorities will have to issue a certificate that says they do not issue duplicates of original certificates, based on their administrative system.
You can submit a certificate that indicates you are up to date with your fiscal obligations and that you do not owe anything to the SS, as well as an informe laboral.
You must provide with a criminal records certificate from the US and of course, from the Spanish authorities as well.
It is not necessary. They need to know in which Spanish town you reside.
It can take between one and two years.
I recommend hiring the services of a solicitor when you have problems to obtain certain documents, or the applicants does not speak Spanish to understand the requirements and process nor communicate with the officers. Also, a solicitor will be able to check the applications from is duly filled out, the documents are accordingly legalized and translated, as well as track down the file and help in the event there are problems with the application or there is an extra request of documents.