View Full Version : Canadian citizen born in Brazil with maternal grandparents from Spain

03-29-2012, 04:52 PM
Hi there,
I'd like to know if I qualify for Spanish citizenship and how. Here are my details:
I am a naturalized Canadian Citizen, born in Brazil (Brazilian citizen as well). My maternal grandfather was born and raised in Spain, immigrated to Brazil as a young adult, and married my grandmother whose parents were also from Spain.
I believe my mother is entitled to Spanish citizenship, but I am not sure if I am.
I'd appreciate some advice. Should I contact the embassy, or is it better to hire a lawyer instead?
Thank you

03-30-2012, 12:31 PM
Hello Fama,

Yes, you can apply for Spanish citizenship due to the fact that your grandfather was a Spanish citizen; however, you will be required to have resided in Spain at least one year, legally. Your mother will also be able to apply for citizenship in the same way as you, as being born to Spanish parents, providing her parents never renounced to the Spanish citizenship nor lost it.

You can contact the embassy so they give you specific information about the process and assist in obtaining the necessary documents, however we highly recommend you to contact a solicitor that checks the application file is prepared and submitted accordingly and tracks down your application.

Please feel free to contact me on Patricia at Lawbird.com if you need more specific assistance.