View Full Version : American citizen trying to get legal right to stay in Spain

12-01-2011, 04:54 AM

I am an American citizen. My boyfriend is a Spanish citizen. We met while I was living in Spain, teaching English on a grant. Since then, I have returned to the US, where I have a good job. My boyfriend currently studies and works in Spain.

Are there any laws, either in the US or Spain, that would help us to live and work in the same place together? I do not think that my current employer would support a work visa nor do I think that my bf would be able to find a company willing to support his work authorization in the US, given the estate of the economy. We would both like to live together for a longer time before considering marriage.

One option that I have considered is applying for Polish citizenship, as I am of Polish descent. However, I have been told that because my Polish ancestor's name (First and middle, not last) has been anglicized on all American documents (without a legal name change document to support it), that this would present an issue and most likely impede my ability to obtain a Polish passport. I understand this is a Spanish forum, but i wanted to see if anyone had ever encountered this issue. Also, what would the legal/tax implications be of dual citizenship?

Given these issues, I would prefer to obtain a residence/work visa if such an option existed.