View Full Version : obtaining spanish citizenship

02-19-2009, 12:10 AM
Myself, my husband and my 15 year old son will have lived in Spain for 8 years in June, we want to apply for spanish citizenship as my son is more spanish than British, how do we go about applying, and when can we apply.

02-19-2009, 10:42 AM
Hi Valerie,

You have not mentioned your nationalities. However as a general rule, unless you have any Spanish ancestors, you were born in Spain, married to a Spaniard, or come from certain South American countries, or others such as Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal, or are of Sephardic origin, you will need to demonstrate that you have been resident in Spain for ten years.

02-19-2009, 10:44 AM
Sorry! You did mention that you son was British.