View Full Version : selling illegal homes in spain

11-24-2010, 01:44 PM
Going through the Laws of Property buying in Spain.First can any one out their, answer these questions.ONE.can you by Law hold a Property Deeds of a Home, Which was Built Illegally,
two -If the Spanish Solicitor/Notary finds out the house you want to buy.Is built illegally .What should by Law Should he Do ,about this House.
If the Land Registry .Is sent in a Property Deeds of a House.Which they find that then House was Built Illegally.And without Permission.What by Spanish law should they Do.Forget about it.Tear up the Property Deeds.so the House cannot be Sold.Tell the Lawyers about this Illegal House.
Should Illegally Built Houses be Sold in Spain.
And Finally do the Spanish Solicitors and Notary,Swear in to Protect the Buyers of Property's .And before taking their money for Conveyancing .make sure every thing is Legal.Like they have to in other countries of the EU