View Full Version : Help needed with Solbank Swap Clause

10-07-2010, 07:55 PM
We have been struggling to pay our mortgage in Mallorca. We have tried to get our repayments reduced and even tried the Pago de Dacion route, after nearly 15 months the bank agreed to an interest only mortgage which we can manage but still struggle to pay. However 2 years ago we were advised to take out an insurance/agreement where by if the interest rate rose we would be protected, however it has since fallen which we find out now we are liable for! Last week Solbank debited nearly 25,000 euro without any consent or consultation over the last 2 years surronding this agreement. This of course is the end of the road we cannot pay this and need to know the process of repossesion, we also need to protect our assets here. We feel the bank has been negligent and they are a large cause of this, if they had acted two years ago with sensible options we would not be in this situation. Any advice?